We need your help

We need your help so that every part of Scotland is represented in this piece. Please record your local church bells and submit them to be included in the electronics part.

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A tapestry of bells, softly tolling, surrounds the audience. From within the orchestra a song is born, grows, then fades away. All the while the bells continue, a reverberating tracery of recorded sound contributed by members of the public across Scotland. Eventually these too fade, and the tapestry dissolves.

Martin Suckling, description of Meditation (after Donne)

To find out about performances and opportunities in 2018 to ‘remake’ the piece using your own music and the electronics part to which you have contributed, please watch this space, or submit your contact details when you add your recordings to receive email updates.

Where have people recorded so far?

Here is a map of all the recordings contributed so far – add yours now!

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